About Us

STAAR Solutions works with corporations to provide them with sponsorship marketing programs that reach and engage their customers, bringing their brands to life by leveraging the power of sports, arts & entertainment.

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business - superior client service, extreme attention to detail, cutting edge innovation, and consistently doing so with the highest ethical standards.

Our services include:

  • Strategic Sponsorship Marketing, Consulting and Planning
  • Sponsorship Portfolio Analysis and Development
  • Sponsorship Audits
  • Strategic Planning and Property Valuation
  • Naming Rights Analysis
  • Affinity Partnerships
  • Sponsorship Recruitment, Sales, Negotiation & Contract Administration
  • Activation and Servicing
  • Return on Investment Measurement
  • Development of Corporate Sponsorship Policies, Criteria Standards and Guidelines
  • Sponsorship Account Management and Activation
  • Event Creation, Management and Execution
  • Promotions (sales, trade, consumer goods, licensed)
  • Broadcast Advertising Sponsorships
  • Property Representation
  • Communications (internal, external)
  • Work with social media & content manager agencies and support the overall and campaign

The first and most important question facing most sponsors is
"How can we maximize the return on our sponsorship investment?"

While the question seems straightforward - the answer one receives is quite often different from one property to another. Sponsors oftentimes want to create a series of KPI's, or Key Performance Indicators as the current standard, and how we match up our sponsorship benefits to those KPI's can oftentimes be critical. 

Nevertheless, one constant remains, regardless of the size or scope of the property, its sponsorable assets must be packaged in a manner that presents an appealing commercial opportunity for potential sponsors. In other words, the partnership must be crafted to provide a mutually beneficial and quantifiable return on investment by the sponsor.

STAAR Solutions can provide an independent and accountable third party valuation service for properties seeking to quantify sponsorship benefits, and an experienced consulting team for properties looking to supplement their marketing and sales efforts.

Management Team/Partners

Because of our long term association as a program management team in all forms of recreation, amateur sports of all forms, community education including the arts and understanding the diverse nature of the programs and services we provide, our unique position is to also understand the full nature of sponsorship management. This positions STAAR to fully activate the needs of the sponsor in the most beneficial way to both the sponsor and the property owner, but to bring valuable managerial consultation when needed.

  • STAAR Solutions partners with a number of supporting entities each of whom specialize in their field:
    Partners include:
    • Full service advertising firms, Public Relations specialists
    • Graphic artists and print companies
    • Event support teams (including security, parking, trash)
    • Production crews for concert management
    • Tenting and outdoor event set up, golf carts, trash services
    • Full event photography, video production
    • Stage production
    • Trade show support
    • Local Oklahoma breweries and wineries and affliated craft beer or wine associates 
    • Caterers and catering support, food trucks and food truck associations 
    • Ticket Services

The combined efforts of these specialist partners provide a one stop relationship through STAAR without all the shopping around. Ultimately, you end up with the best pricing in town and the best quality services at fair rates.

What We Don’t Do

STAAR Solutions fully understands philanthropic needs and currently works with several non-profit organizations. Strategic philanthropy that engages the philosophy of sponsorship ROI for corporate donors is part of a increasingly necessary mix for non-profit groups; However, STAAR Solutions does not engage in small level fund raising or basic philanthropy, including grant writing.

STAAR Solutions management currently operates through a home-based businesses by professionals that choose to work out of the home and travel to meet the needs of our client rather than to locate in the Advertising Agency oriented locale. The cost savings is passed on to our clients. The results are equally effective. We have relations with numerous ad agencies and access to all forms of graphic, web, video, production based support and just about any service you would find in a full service ad agency firm. We have found most sponsorship properties are already aligned with an ad agency, and much of our work dovetails with that agency operation. We eagerly work with ad agencies to meet the needs of our client and the corresponding sponsors.

We don’t JUST sell banners and we don’t JUST sell advertising, but we do incorporate these and many, many other benefits into the overall scheme of sponsorship support. We craft and sell solutions, and we leverage those on behalf of both the property and the sponsor.

What We Help Create

Our intimate knowledge of select brand strategies and consumer insights are informed through research from some of the best marketing minds and external resources in the business, as well as the companies we approach to sponsor. This approach allows us to develop creative programs and solutions that are strategic, practical and localized. We are then able to identify key performance indicators (KPI) and consumer behavior patterns for the optimum positioning of the brands we represent.

The "trade-up" position has become a commodity. The cornerstone of the opportunities that we leverage provides premium brand activation. Inclusion in high profile events that we manage may create a turnkey brand experience, a tactical lifestyle product sampling program, or an immersive educational or party program or some other differential solution. The final result is that our programs create true differentiation empowering your brand breakthrough in this mass media cluttered market.

It has been said that "the proof is in the pudding'", and we agree. By all means, measure our programs! We go to great lengths to develop practical methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of our efforts by constructing detailed ROI models and valued summaries of execution. These tools clearly demonstrate how your dollars met the objective and performance measures you established.

Many hot button solutions are largely defined by the concept that peer-conversion is the most successful way to build a brand. High profile events and experiences are the best platforms for identifying and creating this type of influencer, or "high value consumer".

  • Ambassador Programs
  • Viral Marketing (online and off)
  • High Value Consumer Recruitment
  • Multi-Cultural Marketing
  • Trade/Gatekeeper Events