Carl Hook, M.D.
President & CEO, PLICO Financial
Chris Moler’s unique knowledge of the process and his contacts in the Oklahoma City area and the state helped PLICO meet its sponsor and exhibitor goals in its inaugural state wide seminar.
Layton M. Perry
Board Chairman, AeroSpace America
Chris Moler with STAAR Solutions has worked under the AeroSpace America organization as our director of sponsorships for the Star Spangled Salute Air Show at Tinker AFB for 2007, [2008, and] 2010. AeroSpace America serves as one of three NFO organizations to raise money to support the Air Show. He has taken steps to learn the Air Show business in short order, and how it works on a military base. As a result, he has created one of the most successful sponsorship campaigns in the history of Air Shows at Tinker to support this large scale public event, which had over 135,000 in attendance in 2007. He not only works diligently to follow Air Force rules, but helps to support the needs of local aviation and business partners as they integrate their sponsorship with the air show and Tinker. The ultimate result is the largest free aviation showcase in all of Oklahoma.
Erinn Gavaghan
Executive Producer, Norman Music Festival
I found working with Chris Moler and STAAR Solutions to be a great benefit to our event. They were able to successfully build sponsorships with companies that were outside of our immediate community, and they truly made all the difference to the success of the event. Having a dedicated fundraiser, especially for small organizations who don't have the staff, is such an important part of any event. This was a great partnership!
Tom Green
Co-Owner, Dfest Music Conference and Festival
Chris Moler with STAAR Solutions gets sponsorship. He helped us to blow up our campaign, realign our benefits and packages and helped to support a sponsorship campaign with our highest level of earnings in our eight year history. Dfest Music Conference and Festival is the largest music festival in Oklahoma and one of the leading multi-genre festivals and conferences in the southwest. Chris has amazing insight into the needs to today's sponsors and especially in this economy, and we look forward to our continued relationship with STAAR Solutions. We can highly recommend STAAR Solutions to support your sponsorship campaign.
Kerry Shubert
General Manager/Owner, SoccerCity Tulsa and Oklahoma City
When seeking a sports facility oriented sponsorship agency we found STAAR Solutions through our affiliation with United States Indoor Sports. STAAR Solutions was originally contracted to create our sponsorship campaign for SoccerCity Tulsa and in the midst of the campaign, we purchased a second facility in Oklahoma City. As a result STAAR took on sponsorship sales and activation of all of our sponsors for both of our facilities in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We are glad we went with STAAR Solutions. In the first year alone, they have sold over 25 sponsors between the two facilities and have exceeded our expectations. STAAR works with each sponsor in a customized manner. We are into our second year with STAAR Solutions and working on first year renewals and developing a host of new clients. We recommend their work to anyone seeking a professional sponsorship and marketing consulting firm.
Kevin Khoury
Executive Chair, Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Symposium
I would like to take a moment of your time to express how accommodating and well learned Chris Moler, owner of STAAR Solutions is regarding his depth of knowledge in the field of organizing and managing statewide and local events. Efficiency accompanied by courtesy, amiability and a powerful knowledge of the event industry is truly a rare combination in today’s work force. The courteousness he extends to his clients is overwhelming and extremely impressive due to its rarity. I found his congeniality and strong disposition refreshing, and it should be this widespread within leadership in all workplace environments. It was quite evident how Mr. Moler cherishes his work, carries out his skills duties competently and enthusiastically with a firm grasp and strong knowledge of the event industry. It is evident that he possesses and commands unique organizational qualities. Chris is a well-rounded individual and loyal to those he serves. He is an individual at your grasp that will always command presence and be at the top of anything he sets forth to accomplish. With quality of individuals such as Chris Moler servicing your needs, your organization will definitely be very fortunate.